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Queenie wants to be treated as a queen ...

14 May 2019
Queenie wants to be treated as a queen ...

North Birmingham branch fosterer Nicole Evans is purrplexed and scratching her head (don't worry, no fleas!) as to why no-one has rushed along to adopt her adorable tortie-and-white foster cat, Queenie. And that is despite'dozens of photographs of her on facebook, Instagram and on the website.'

Poor Queenie has probably one of the saddest reasons for coming into care - the death of her owner. Nicole takes up the story and wants someone special to listen to her tale of woe and fall in love! 

"Queenie was an owned and much-loved pet, we're sure. But her owner sadly died, her home taken over, and she ended up living as a garden cat for a year or more. She had some good luck though, as a kind neighbour fed and keep a watchful eye over her. And when we found a foster place, we - Cats Protection - took her in. But we never thought she would be restricted to pen-life for such a long time. She has been with us for several months now - without the right adopter coming forward to take Queenie home and give her a good life again.  

"Queenie took time to bond with me, but now she truly is friendly and enjoys a fuss. She'll run out of the cat flap at the sound of the back door opening. She knows I'm back from work and her supper is on its way!" 

Certainly, Nicole believes Queenie needs a 'quiet home with a patient owner - one who'll let her settle-in at her own pace and wait for the bonding that will surely come'.

Queenie's full details are on the 'adopt-a-cat' page, which confirm her age (4 - 5 years) and the fact that she's spayed and had all the vet treatment that goes paw-in-paw with the high standards of Cats Protection care.

All she needs now is the right adopter to come forward, whisker her away, and treat her - well - like a Queen! 


*Call the helpline on 0345 260 1503 and a chat with Queenie's fosterer can be arranged.


* Cats Protection has a ‘Cat Guardians’ service that cat-owners can take advantage of for peace of mind. 

Unfortunately, some elderly folk are reluctant to home a cat because of the fear that, should they pass away first, as happened with Queenie's owner, their cat may be left on its own with no one who cares. The Cat Guardians service means that older cat owners can experience all the benefits of owning a cat, with the knowledge that they have a plan in place for their cat’s future. 

And once registered, as soon as CP is notified that an owner has passed away, arrangements will be made to care for the beloved cat left behind until a happy new home is found.

To find out more about the Cat Guardians service and some of the most commonly asked questions take a look at CPs FAQ section here.

For more information, get in touch with a member of the CP team on 01825 741 291, email catguardians@cats.org.uk, or write to:

Cat Guardians Service, Cats Protection National Cat Centre, Chelwood Gate, Haywards Heath, RH17 7TT