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Robert - allotment cat and author!

19 February 2022
Robert - allotment cat and author!

The book what Robert wrote …

Betty Farrugia, long-long-time Secretary of Walsall Road allotments, has purrsuaded Robert, the internationally acclaimed allotment cat, to write his meow-memoirs of his life and times in merry Perry Barr.

With 38,000 twitter followers, who hear from him almost daily, Robert decided it was time to get it all written up in a proper book for pussterity. He did have a little help, he admits, from his agent/ghost writer, Betty.

Says Betty, who – with Roberts help – saved the allotments from being lost forever because of the commonwealth games wanting their site, ‘thousands of peoples around the world love Robert, so the least I could do was help him with his grammar, spelling and recollections’ – er .. as you do, Betty!

“The reason I wrote (sorry, helped Robert write) the book is because my husband Colin and my son Al thought that Robert’s story would make an interesting read. It would ensure those who were unable or unwilling to use Twitter could learn all about Robert and his day-to-day life at the allotments. And as folks love him so much, what better day for publication than Valentine’s Day!

“Al did the editing and all the technical stuff – but Robert put his heart into it too. He has so many skills and attributes but blow me down – he now wants me to teach him to read!”

** Robert’s life story has been encatsulated in the book - available for Kindle and also as a paperback. And the link to the Amazon page is https://t.co/UgaQZUQdvN

Robert’s Twitter followers have been getting in touch to say they like the book – especially the 80-plus fab feline photos - and can’t wait for his next novel. And that may happen. There are several other allotment cats with stories to tell – and Robert - possibly with Betty's help - could do the honours.

*Cats Protection North Birmingham have had a moggie-mutually beneficial relationship with Walsall Road Allotments from way back - 15 to 20 years. The allotments take on cats that suit/prefer the outdoor life rather than adoption, the plot holders love them for keeping vermin down and providing so much amusement (!) – and CP benefits from open days and jam-selling to raise funds for the Branch. So it’s win-win-win/purrs-all-round!

** The Kindle version of the book is £2.99 and the paperback is £6.50. Every book sold means £1 more in the ‘allotment cats vet kitty’ to ensure Robert and his moggie mates get the best care possible.