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Robert - purrs, pleads and poses ...

21 December 2017
Robert - purrs, pleads and poses ...

Reformed-feral Robert is learning fast how he can help his not-quite-so-lucky furry friends – by manning the CP collection can at the Walsall Road allotments Christmas get-together.

And his imploring pose says ‘come on – give generously - it is Christmas after all!’  Cats Protection volunteer Jenny Reynolds says she was ‘pleased to find Robert gracing her table of home-made jams and chutneys with his glorious presence' on Sunday the 17th December. Adds Jenny: "I have hung on to the 'old style' black cat can as often there's no room on my table for the bigger new-style buckets and, over the years, that old black can has raised thousands of pounds at local events for the needy cats and kittens who have passed through our hands."

Betty Farruggia, who manages the allotments, confirms that pose-purrfect puss Robert ‘turned up in March and she has been sharing his news and views on the WRA FB page ever since’. 

Well, we can all see from the photo that posing is his forte!

** CP is always looking for similar outdoor placements for cats like Robert. If you know of one, or can offer one, let us know.