Adopt a Senior Kittizen

Thank you for visiting this page! We are happy to see you here. Sadly, older cats can spend a long time in shelter care waiting for that someone special to adopt them, when they are the ones most in need of finding a loving forever home as soon as possible.  These cats are just as wonderful as any other cat, and they may have many, many more years of their lives ahead of them (the average life span of a well cared for cat (failing accidents) can be 17-20 years) - they may just need some extra love and care. If they have a condition, and depending on the condition, we may pay for medication and blood tests for the current condition(s) for life and provide support and advice where necessary.  We often have a reduced adoption charge for these cats.

If you are interested in adopting one of these gorgeous cats, or would like to find out a bit more about them, please get in touch by calling 01438 228877.  They are desperately hoping to find their loving forever homes. Could yours be the forever home for one of them?