Maggie - Jan 2020

Maggie had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2019. We homed her to a loving forever home, and her adopter has been in contact to let us know that Maggie's doing really well and settling into her new home:

Patience pays off
Well the signs were not great, the first time that I met Maggie (she was called Fiona then) she pulled such a face that I should have shrivelled up on the spot. But I agreed to give her a second chance, or was it her giving me a second chance?

Anyway, she was in a better mood the second time and we seemed to get along, I agreed to take her on, and she duly came home.

Well she took the first opportunity she got to escape the house and I thought that that was it. But she was hanging around the garden. I put food out for her and it disappeared over night. After a week I left the food inside with the cat flap open, and sure enough the food was gone in the morning. Until one morning I found her in the kitchen and I closed the cat flap. A stand-off began, and Maggie spent most of the next 6 weeks under the kitchen table.

Slowly but surely she decided that I was not too bad and she started coming out when I was in the room, until the break through came and she let me stroke her. Our relationship has gone from strength to strength, and she spends every night on my bed, and jumps up onto me when I’m watching tv. She is surprisingly gentle, and likes to tap my face with her paws, but no claws, and she head butts my chin.

She will walk in front of me and flop over and expose her tummy for tickling, but when I reach down she jumps up and darts off a few feet and flops down again.

I opened the cat flap for her and she didn’t want to use it at first, but she realised that she could come and go as she pleased and now she spends more time outside, even in the weather we’ve been having. But she seems very happy now.

Maggie is still a work in progress, she is still very wary and does not like other humans, but in time I hope that will change.


Maggie Maggie Maggie