Rehoming Success Story: Regina - Aug 2020

Minnie, now Regina, had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2020. We home her to a loving forever home and her adopter has been in contact to let us know how well Regina has settled in to her new home:

"We adopted Regina 8 weeks ago and I’m happy to say that she has really made herself comfortable with us. Before we were able to let her out, she was getting bored easily and demanded play time throughout the day, sometimes at 4 in the morning! This made for some sleepless nights with a meowing cat outside the bedroom door… Now that she’s roaming the neighbourhood, she plays much less with us (definitely miss that), but she still comes for cuddles every day. Our favourite routine is in the morning: when we wake up, we open the door to the bedroom and go back to bed. She then jumps into bed with us and walks around on us, getting head scratches and giving head bumps. Another favourite is when she’s sitting on my lap, starts looking at me, and then reaches up to bump her head on my chin. I could melt every time! Ever since I was 10, I wanted to have a cat, and now, more than 25 years later, finally being there, I have to say, it’s rather the other way round - she really owns us :-)"


We're delighted that Regina has settled in with her new family so well!
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