Rehoming Success Story: Yogi - Nov 2020

Yogi was in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2020 and we homed him to his forever loving home. His adopter has been in touch to let us know how he's settling in:

We adopted Yogi in October 2020 and after seeing how long he had been with Cats Protection and the tummy issues he came with we have been rewarded tenfold by the love and affection we receive from our new boy. The cattery where he was housed and Paula at Cats Protection were excellent at fully preparing us for how to deal with his IBD and although he still has the odd flare up, we know he can’t help it and as a family have settled into a good routine of administering medication, feeding and fuss.

Yogi was on my lap within hours of his arrival and has settled beautifully into our home. He coped well with Firework season and although he nervously approaches new things, my husband’s crutches and our open fireplace for example, he joins us most mornings in the early hours for a cuddle on the bed. He rolls over and wants he chin and chest rubbed, often falling asleep with a hand resting on him. Watching his long whiskers and big paws twitch as he lays beside us dreaming, we feel honoured to have gained the trust of this big soft bear cat.

We're delighted to hear how well Yogi is doing, if you've adopted a cat from North Herts Cats Protection and would like to send and update please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.