Rehoming Success Story: Alfred - Oct 2021

Alfred, previously Teasel, was in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2021 and we homed him to his forever loving home. His adopter has been in touch to let us know how he's been getting on:

"He was incredibly confident from the start, with only the obligatory hour behind the sofa before curiosity got the better of him and he came to say hello. He quickly discovered that I gave good strokes and from then on we were fast friends! He is very affectionate and happily jumps onto my lap for a snuggle. He also decided from day one that despite having his own beds, he was going to sleep on my bed at night! Good job I don't mind :-)

Of course, he is very food-focused and has quickly educated me in his requirements. He is also very vocal if he doesn't get it on time. As he grows that may have to change!

It's now nearly four weeks since Alfred joined me so I am are preparing for his introduction to the outside world. I've already warned the neighbours!"


We're delighted Alfred's settled in so well. If you've adopted a cat from North Herts Cats Protection and would like to send an update please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.