Dillon - Nov 2017

Dillon was in our care patiently waiting for a loving forever home for several months.

The lady who adopted Dillon recently phoned us to thank us for letting her have Dillon.  She said he is amazing, he is affectionate and playful, although can be a little scaredy-cat at times e.g. when the post comes through the door.  He hid for the first couple of days and wouldn't use the litter tray or eat, but he soon settled in after.  He has explored the house, has gone to her for cuddles and has started sleeping on the bed with her at night.  She is over the moon with him!

She added that Dillon knows his name as he comes when she calls him and she picked him up for the first time, and he just flopped in her arms. She thinks he hasn't got a bad bone in his body and that he is absolutely delightful.

Whilst in our care, Dillon could feel a little unsure and could sometimes take his uncertainty out on those around him.  He liked attention but didn't like to be over-fussed - he needed to feel in control.  The shelter environment is no substitute for a loving home, so it is only really when a cat is adopted into a loving home that they can settle and show their true wonderful personality.  Dillon's positive transition into his new home is a great example of this happening, and it just goes to show that often, a cat just needs the right place to call home.

We are so happy that Dillon has settled so well!  It was about time he found his perfect forever home.


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