Jet - May 2017

Jet had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2017.  We homed him to a loving forever home, and his new owner describes and shows just how well he has settled into his new home:

Just thought I would let you know how Jet is getting on. He settled in immediately, he loves being around us rather than escaping the noise of my children. He has decided that the sofa is a far better bed than any of the 'cat' beds provided. He loves playing and entertains my children with his pouncing! When I am working he makes sure I take regular breaks by standing or lying on my keyboard.

We have to be very careful opening the door as he is very stealthy and gets out if we don't pay attention thankfully he comes straight back when I call him or shake a bag of treats. He is very affectionate, loves being stroked. It really does feel like he has always been with us and it is lovely how well he has settled in.

A lovely update - we are so pleased for Jet!

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