Kizzi & Lola - Sep 2017

Kizzi & Lola had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2017.  We homed them to a loving forever home, and their new owner describes and shows just how well they have settled into their new home:

"Kizzi and Lola have been a little timid at first, which we knew would happen, but they are starting to come around. 

Lola purrs like a tractor and Kizzi has a quieter purr, which you can feel when you stroke her.  They are both very playful and have loads of toys - it is like clearing up after a 2 year old with the amount of toys they have!  Lola is the instigator of any playfights and is the more dominant of the two, but they are both settling well. 

We all love them to bits and they are entertaining us all the time.  It is a real pleasure to come home now we have these two."

We are so pleased that Kizzi & Lola have settled in with their new family so well!

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