Rehoming Success Story: Oscar & Ruby - Dec 2017

Oscar & Ruby had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2017.  We homed them to a loving forever home, and their new owner describes and shows just how well they have settled into their new home:

"Our new friends have settled in well after a slow first week where everything was new and scary for them!  Billy Bob our 10 yr old cat met them the first time sort of shrugged and walked off - a real Garfield moment as if he was saying "I don't remember approving this"... Oscar and Ruby are our little bundles of joy - we love it when they curl up on our knee or together next to us on the settee.  They want to help with everything, they are particularly good at chasing each other round the house and pulling the washing off the drying gates.  They also love playing chase under the curtains.  Meal times are a little chaotic - none of the three want to eat from their bowl as they are all suspicious that the others are getting something more interesting so they all share - no fights so far!!  Oscar and Ruby are itching to get outside now to start exploring!!!  We love Oscar and Ruby!  Thank you so much!"

We are so pleased that Oscar & Ruby have settled in with their new family so well!

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