Reggie - Nov 2017

Reggie (previously called Nero) had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2017.  We homed him to a loving forever home, and his new owner describes and shows just how well he has settled into his new home:

"He really is the most perfect cat for us. He settled down really well after an initial exploration and mountaineering of our sitting room curtains! He's a remarkably friendly and sociable little fellow and likes being around people. He's had lots of visitors and our grandchildren, neighbours' children and my book group all love him. He is very playful but is a lap cat too and one of his favourite occupations is to snuggle up on our bed as we have our morning read and cup of tea. He's been getting used to going outside during the last couple of days and is making our garden his home too. He's our Top Cat and we'd like to thank you for all of the loving and expert support you gave him in his early days and the easy and efficient transfer of all of his admin. 

Best wishes 
Reggie's new family
p.s. We named him Reggie after a family vote!"

We are so happy for Reggie!!
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