Rehoming Success Story: Blaise - Oct 2019

Blaise had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2019.  We homed him to a loving forever home and here are some comments from his adopter on what a lovely cat he is and how marvellously he's settling in:

I have only praises for Blaise. He is still a boisterous boy, however this makes him sweeter and funnier. He always trills, I am always happy to hear his little voice. At night we have our "US" time, we play hide and seek, which he loves. He runs as fast as he can up and down the stairs. If I do not follow he returns and trills and jumps like a little bunny on the bed as if he's saying "Let's play". I adore him. He sleeps on the bed with me and in the early mornings he wakes me up purring and head butting me wanting cuddles and love. For me, he is the child that I have never had. I am happy to let you know that Blaise has mastered the cat flap. He still has not adventured beyond the fenced area, which is a relief as I like to know where he is. I plan to do everything I can to keep him safe and give him a forever home! 

Blaise 1  Blaise 2
Blaise 3