Milo - may 2019

Milo’s story by his owner Bairbre R. (May 2019)Milo

I was sitting indoors when I heard a loud cry at my back door. I have two cats so I thought one might have been injured. I opened the door to find a little black cat, crying. I immediately fed him, and he kept retuning for food and shelter - he was an unloved stray and looked awful - when you touched him you could feel his ribs. I spent the next three weeks on social media trying to find an owner.

I had no success with this, and he came every day for food, gradually coming into the house. Milo was the name we gave him. I was worried about his wellbeing so contacted Cats Protection. We managed to catch him, and he was taken to the vet to be neutered and checked over. We decided to welcome Milo to our family and he now he shares our home with our two other cats. Milo has been with us for nearly 4 months. He doesn’t stay in the house during the night but comes in to play and socialise. He has a quirky nature, and is still scared of people and doesn’t play with the other cats, but is so much more content.

I found the support of the Cats Protection amazing, guiding me all the way and supporting us the whole way through the process. We are so pleased to have Milo join us, he is now part of our family.