Tabitha - Sep 2017

Tabitha (previously Mocha) had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2017.  We homed her to a loving forever home, and her new owner describes and shows just how well she has settled into her new home:

I keep going to text you to let you know how Mocha (now Tabitha!) is doing.  She is absolutely fine, a real gentle sweetie, she has certainly made the house her home.  She sleeps on everyone's beds and is really affectionate.  She started going out last week, she's not gone far, she just likes to sunbath in the back garden and is quite happy chilling in the grass or on the trampoline, but comes flying back in if you call her. 

She hasn't really gone out the front, just sat on the step whilst I've been gardening and runs inside if a car went past, which is good as she much have some road sense.  She likes watching the world go past out the window and is happy to sit on the bedroom window sill if it's open. 

She seems really happy, loves her scratching post and goes bonkers with catnip.  Oh, and she is a great spider catcher, which is great as I'm not a fan!

We are so pleased that Tabitha has settled in with her new family so well!

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