Tizzy - Oct 2017

Tizzy, once a very shy cat, had been in the care of North Herts Cats Protection in 2016.  We homed her to a loving forever home, and her new owner describes and shows just how well she has settled into her new home:

"I thought you would remember our Tizzy as she was a complex little cat! I had to send you this photo that I captured today, as when we met Tizzy we were told that she doesn't play and stays in her cardboard box!

Tizzy has been with us now for 10 months, she still darts off under the bed and runs when she hears the door bell but is slowly slowly interacting with us, especially me. She knows her name and loves me sitting on the floor tickling her neck. Not sure that she will ever be a lap cat! But certainly loves being loved! As you can see she is happy in her forever home and enjoys playing with her toys. 

Just thought how far she has come when I see her happy playing and wanted to share this with you and your team.

Thank you again for introducing me to my lovely special Tizzy cat."

What a wonderful update to receive!! We are so happy that Tizzy has found such a special home, where she is learning to trust and to love.  She was once so shy and withdrawn, but her new family have brought her on wonderfully. It just shows what care and kindness can do.
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