Rehoming Success Story: Turpin - Dec 2017

Turpin (our Cat of the Month in September 2017) had been in our care for almost a year having been adopted and sadly returned.  After waiting such a long time, someone finally came along and took Turpin knowing about his temperament and was willing to take it on board.  

His new adopter advised that during the first week he did bite her occasionally, but she knew that this would happen and new that he needed time to settle.  He quickly showed his vulnerable side with her other cat, as can be seen on the photo with him laying upside down on the sofa which was a real positive step. 

Only a few weeks later she said he has settled in really well, he playfights with her other cat, Skitz, and chases him around the house.  He has a mad half hour and will run up the stairs, meow and run back down again.

He has been outside in the garden every day exploring his new surroundings.

We are really pleased that after such a long time in care and being rejected, that he is now settled in his new home.

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