We found a home! 2018

Here are some of the cats that were in our care that we homed in 2018 - we wish them all a wonderful life in their new loving homes!


Update from Nero's new family:

"Nero is settling in well. He is so playful, energetic and eats all his food. My son's friends say he is so cute!"



Update from Ernie's new family:

"He has settled in just perfect!  He's got a great personality, very playful but he's also a lap cat and purrs himself to sleep most of the time. Ernie and our other cat Bertie became best friends after a couple of weeks and they play together really well."


Update from Riley's new family:

"Riley hissed a few times in the first couple of weeks when we startled him as he was just getting to know us, but he has now settled in really well.  He is starting to sit next to us on the sofa and is getting a little cheeky.  He loves his food and is being spoilt rotten with lots of treats.  We are really pleased with him." 

George and Ringo

Larry and Eddie

Update from Larry and Eddie's new family:

"The boys have settled really well and are so lovely. Really affectionate and great characters! Thanks for all you did for them!" 

Sooty and Spot


Update from Peppa's new family:

"It only took Peppa a few days to settle in, which is great considering she was hiding under a sofa bed and wouldn't come out when I first saw her at her fosterer's.  Peppa follows me around everywhere, she is still not too sure about people she doesn't know, but she has settled in really well and I wouldn't have her any other way."



Update from Harry's new family:
"Harry is doing well.  He has now been with us for 3 weeks and at first was a bit of a scaredy cat and runs and hides when the doorbell rings. He is quite playful, can be lazy at times and is starting to enjoy a chin rub. Everyone who has met him has said he is such a nice cat."


Serena and Venus





Update from Danni's new family:

"I wanted to let you know that Daney, now called Danni, has settled in really well and had her second jab this morning at the vet. 

She was a much more confident cat than we expected from the moment she arrived, very happy to use her scratch post and litter tray and feeding really well. She’s put on some good weight and the vet was happy with how she’s recovered from her neutering appointment. She loves playing with conkers and her catnip budgie, and likes going upstairs to listen to story time when my son is going to bed! 

Thank you for looking after Danni."


Beany and Toes


Update from Bobby's new family:

"Here are some pictures of Bobby.  He’s still not too sure about the kids but no more hissing just goes outside & watches them through the patio door. I’m glad that we’ve been able to give Bobby his happy ending."

Tilly and Florrie (previously Tiny and Felix)

Update from Tilly and Florrie's new family:

"The girls are settling in nicely.  Tilly was a bit mad for a few days, she has climbed curtains, got hooked on the shower curtain, jumped up and scratched the tv etc, but she has calmed down a lot bless her.  We put it down to her testing the waters and exploring her new home.  Florrie is still quiet, but does come to us for a little bit of affection, but it is on her terms,  They both like to lie next to us on the settee which is really sweet to know that they trust us after such a short time.   Both eating fairly well.  Florrie is not weeing anywhere near as much, so I think it was a nervous thing.  Playtime is mental with Tilly and still very calm with Florrie, they bring me such joy - love them.  Florrie melts your heart, when she looks at you with her beautiful big green eyes, and Tilly looks like butter wouldn't melt - but her Mum and Dad know different,  Lol.  The girls are having a little snooze at the moment.

They are having fun. I hope when they start to go out, they won't go far, it would be perfect if they just stayed in the garden. Wishful thinking from me, there will be far too much to explore if I know Tilly!"









Update from Freddie's new family: 

"Freddie is doing great, he settled in well - only took him a day or so!  He loves to play with his toys, as well as sleeping and eating as much as he can."




Update from Kylo's (now called Leo) new family:

 "Leo's doing very well - becoming a lap cat and also exploring the great outdoors (although I'm still teaching him how to use a cat flap). Many thanks again for looking after him while he was in your care."

Jas and Jet (previously Jas and Imwe)

Update from Jas and Jet's new family:

"Here are some updated photographs of the boys who are now 5 months old.   They have settled in really well and are desperate to get out!"





Update from Shirley's new family:

"Shirley is home and she is so relaxed and calm. We played a lot already too and had a nap together this afternoon. 

I'm attaching a few pictures! She's so photogenic! We're really blessed to have her with us. 

Thanks to everyone at North Herts Cats Protection for their hard work in the challenge of rehoming so many stray kitties!"



Update from Finn's new family:
"Finn loves going out but stays in the garden at the moment, which I am happy with. He uses the cat flap. He is adorable and settled in very quickly. He purrs constantly. We had a family dog staying with us for 2 weeks whilst they went on holiday and they both got on so well, very playful.  
He is getting quite big, I think he is going to be a large cat."




Update: Photos from Chilli's new family
Update: Photos from Rodney's new home

Del Boy
Update from Del Boy's adopter: 

"Just to let you know that Del Boy is settling in well and becoming more confident as each day passes. We have picked a new name for him in Baloo; he is very much his own cat and acts more like a dog than a feline in his manner."

Star (now called Ludo)

Update from Ludo's new family:  

"Ludo settled almost instantly. We have 4 children with youngest only one year old, and Ludo loves the attention from all of them, especially the ballpit or the occasional sticker from the baby.

He’s essentially the cat version of Houdini opening windows and doors. It’s impossible to keep him in. He loves a cuddle and has made my wife and kids very happy.

We’re over the moon and would only consider a rescue cat again."

Cody & Binks