We found a home! 2019

Here are some of the cats that have been adopted from our branch and some of the updates we have received from their new families in 2019.  We wish them all a wonderful life in their new loving homes!

Ruby and Simba Ruby & Simba
Lola Lola
Gizmo Gizmo
Wilma Wilma
Jade Jade
Gizmo  Gizmo
Jesse  Jesse
Dexter  Dexter
Fleur Fleur
Harry Harry
Ginny Ginny
Ernie Ernie

Cleo Cleo
Oswald (Ozzy) Ozzy
Frankie and Benji Frankie and Benji
Kappa & Kayleigh
Tara Tara - Nov 2019
Garfield  Garfield
Missy  Missy
Austin & Morris
Bootsie Snudge
 Bootsie & Snudge

Lola  Lola
Gracie & Rose




Milo, Minnie & Wilf

 Milo Minnie 


Pickle & Pumpkin


 Simba & Oreo
Honey & Nala

 Ollie & Chester

Mitzy and Jazzy


Update from Stevie's new family:

"Stevie G has settled in well, is enjoying dreamies & tummy rubs & chilling!"


Update from Belle's new family:

"She was very cautious and scared for the first day, but after that she has really come to life! She has adapted to her new home perfectly and we couldn’t be happier with her. As soon as someone comes home she is standing by the door waiting to jump up for cuddles and loves sleeping on our bed with us at night. She is a wonderful addition to our family and I hope we have many happy years together!

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to give Belle a safe, secure and happy forever home."


Moon (now Poppy)



Update from Finn's new family, 1 year on:

"I am sending you a few photos of Finn. He was 1 last week and he is the most lovely adorable placid cat I have ever had.

Every evening he cuddles up with us. He often lays on his back with his back legs outstretched and he loves his tummy tickled.
Thank you to Cats Protection for such an adorable loving cat."

Rio (was Brian)

Rio (previously named Brian) was one of our older cats at 10 years old, and had several medical problems (having lived for three years in the stair well of a block of flats).

Karma struck and a very nice lady came round and fell in love with him on sight, adopted him and renamed him Rio.  She sent us an update a week later, which is a lovely good news story to show how owning an older cat can bring so much pleasure to both human and feline-kind.

Here's the update from Rio!

"It’s over a week now since I came to my new home so I thought you’d like to know how I’m getting on! I have been a very good boy and have settled in extremely well with my new Mummy Sue - as you can see from the picture she took a few minutes ago of me asleep on her (or rather MY) sofa! The other pic of me is when I first heard one of Sue’s Himalayan bowls ... I loved the sound so much I tried to stick my head in it to feel the vibrations! This bowl is my favourite. As for my meds, it’s been a bit of a hit and miss but now Sue has got it down to a fine art: when I’m lazing on the sofa, she kneels on the floor and creeps up on me wiv them pesky syringes and spurts the stuff in to my gob (!) before I can say wakey wakey I ain’t a gonna takey!! As for eating, I have gradually turned into a little pig and in addition to kitten food and those hard little round things, I really like little sachets of a particular brand of cat food .. plus tiny helpings of meat cut up very small. I have explored upstairs a few times and have discovered that the whole house is very calm and peaceful which helps me to relax.... completely ... zzzzz ! I have no probs with visitors provided they bow down before me. Now that the weather is getting a little better I have been venturing out into my new garden and being able to snooze in a patch of warm sun, brings great pleasure to my old bones as you can see.

Lots of love Rio xx

(nee Brian)"




Otis and Bertie



Update from Molli's new family:

"Update 1: “We are absolutely delighted with and proud of Molly's progress. After twenty four hours being shy and sleepy, she has really perked up. Molly is very vocal, always says hello and purrs when she sees us. She even likes having her tummy tickled.  Thank you for everything you have done to give her the best start.”

Update 2: "She seems quite content out pottering around us in the morning sand going to sleep in one of the girls' rooms during the day if we are out and gets up to join us in the evenings, where I often have lovely lap cuddles with her!  

Molli and Manni are getting use to eachother. We introduced them very slowly and made sure they were both safe and had places to go if they felt uncomfortable. Within a couple of days they were sniffing around eachother. And now we hear them chasing around the house a couple of times in the night. It's even handed. I have been sure to observe to make sure neither of them is being bullied or hurt. All I have witnessed is very innocent playful wrestling and games of tag! Then they lie down in separate rooms quite happily."

Update 3: "I've tried letting Molli into the garden slowly. However she really doesn't seem fussed. She is quite cautious and nervous so will do it at her pace."


Update from Suki's new family:

"My thanks to North Herts Cats Protection for allowing me to adopt Suki. She is a delightful addition to the family. Her new brother - Big Kitty - despite being twice her size - was a little scared of her to begin with but she is winning him over. She is adorable - a true 'couch potato' like me but excels also in the art of chasing Ping Pong balls."


 Update from Bella's new family:

"Just to bring you up to date with Bella. She has settled in very well and is very much at home here, as you can see from the photos! She's eating well, though just the gravy on the meat, and finding all sorts of places to sit/hide! Our house is now a home again! Thank you so much.  All my friends think she is gorgeous, as do we! She'll keep us on our toes, that's for sure, she's so lively!"

Nala (was Vindi)


Her new adopter has said that Nala is settling in really well and is making huge progress.  Nala is really playful and will forget herself sometimes in her play and is quite funny sometimes with some of the things she does.   She has found her 'safe place' inside the recliner chair in the living room.  She likes to watch tv and has put a paw on her adopter's lap, which is great news as she wouldn't be stroked or touched in any way when she first arrived.  


First Officer Fluffles (was Solo)

Update from Solo's new family:

"Hello! I’ve named him First Officer Fluffles, and he is doing so well! He spends most of his time upstairs still, but now comes down a lot more because he likes exploring the garden. Although he is absolutely petrified of crunchy leaves, so often comes running back in! 

He’s a very very heavy sleeper, and sleeps in the most uncomfortable positions. He’s not a big fan of cat toys, he prefers hair bands and shadows. So I just use a torch and he loves chasing it on the walls. 
He also loves watching videos on the iPad, especially the catch the mice games and birds.
I’ve attached some pictures, most of them are him sleeping!! Although he has a very bad habit of waking me up by sitting on me first thing in the morning."






Update from Oscar's new family:

"Just giving an update... Thank you for allowing us to have Oscar - he is an amazing cat; kind, loving, affectionate. He has brought such a positive impact upon our family and he has settled really well. We could not be without him, our family is now complete” 


Update from Mishka's new family:

"When Mishka first came to stay with me she was understandably cautious for the first day or so. That didn't last long though! She very quickly settled in and now, six weeks later, she has the run of the whole house. She's very inquisitive and loves to explore, she also loves to play and will happily tear around the house chasing after one of her toys or a ball. She also loves her climbing frame and can now get to the top in just two jumps! It's great watching her grow bigger and become more confident. She's also very purr-y and loves to sit on my lap in the evening and watch TV with me. She's a terrific little lass, and I'm so happy I adopted her."