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Cat of the Month, Feb 2017: Wispa

01 February 2017
Cat of the Month, Feb 2017: Wispa


Wispa has been looking for a home for 8 months.  Read her plea to see if you could be the one for her...

Hello, my name is Wispa and I am around 3 years old, so I am told.  I am female, and a tortoiseshell beauty, even if I do say so myself! I have been chosen as Cat of the Month, and I am very excited because I really want to find a loving forever home, and I hope this opportunity will help me find it. 

I have been in North Herts Cats Protection care for about eight months.  That is such a long time.  My fosterer, Kathie, is very lovely and has cared for me wonderfully – she has helped me to learn to trust humans again.  I am ready to be adopted and become part of a family.   As I don’t really like to share, my only request would be that you don’t have any other cats.  I really don’t like other cats. 

Now, I’ll tell you a bit about myself.   I am quite an active cat, and I enjoy weaving around people’s legs when they are standing up and climbing all over people when they sit down with me – it is so much fun!  When I am ready to settle, it may be on your lap for a little while.  Also, I can’t help but affectionately nose-nuzzle people – for example when my fosterer pours my food into my bowl, I nuzzle her hand, which jogs her and causes some of the food to be poured onto the floor by mistake sometimes – oops! I just can’t help it! It’s so exciting to have the company and I want the attention so much, you see! I really love attention.

WispaSomething else I will tell you about me (I’m really opening up to you now) is this: for some reason, I just don’t really like being stroked.  I know, I know, it sounds strange doesn’t it?  I bet you’re thinking ‘how can a cat that loves being around you, climbing on you and nuzzling you not like to be stroked?’  I have no answer to that – just please, don’t take it personally and don’t let it put you off me!  Maybe that’s why no one has wanted me yet.  So I need to find you – a special person – you must be out there.  Please will you love me and look after me?   I am a very nice, independent cat; I’m demanding of attention and very responsive to you being around which shows you how much I love you and want to be around you, but on my own terms (i.e. please don’t force me into cuddles, don't try to pick me up unless it is absolutely necessary, and go easy on trying to stroke me!!) Maybe in time I’ll let you.  But I’d be much happier if you just let me do my own thing and let me come to you when I want to.  

Are you out there? I can’t wait to find you.  Please call North Herts Cats Protection on 01438 228877 if you are considering adopting me, or click here and click on the Contact link at the bottom of my page to get in touch online.

I really hope to see you soon.  

With love, purrs and plenty of nose-nuzzles,