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Cat of the Month, March 2018: Akbar

05 March 2018
Cat of the Month, March 2018: Akbar **UPDATE - AKBAR HAS FOUND A HOME!**

Our semi-feral cat Akbar is looking for a home in a barn/stable environment. 

Akbar came into our care at the beginning of January 2018 as a stray living in/around some allotments in a quiet area.

He had to be trapped due to being very scared and injured. After receiving medical treatment and now fully recovered, he is ready to be homed.

Sadly Akbar is not a house cat and would have to be homed as an outdoor/stable cat due to his temperament. We believe he is semi-feral and at some point has been a cat who has been in a home as he knows how to use a cat flap and a litter tray but has been out too long now to want human company.

If you have a warm stable somewhere or a barn where he could stay nice and warm in the cold weather and have the freedom to come and go as he pleases we would love to hear from you. Please call us on 01438 228877 or contact us online via his page.