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Cat of the Month, September 2017: Turpin

03 September 2017
Cat of the Month, September 2017: Turpin Turpin, 4 years old, has been a longstanding cat in our care having been adopted once at the beginning of the year and sadly returned. 

He is a friendly boy, but needs to get to know you first before he starts to show his affection and want to have a fuss. He can also be quite playful either on his own or will interact in play once he feels comfortable with you. 

His new adopters would need to be experienced with cats, as when Turpin feels scared or under pressure, he will lash out and his new adopters will need to read the signs before it happens to ensure he is left alone to calm down, which he does do. Once homed, he will need time to settle in on his own terms and he will let you know when he is ready to meet you by rubbing against your legs and giving a headbutt.

Turpin may also potentially be homed with another cat. When he is first introduced to cats he will hiss and growl and can be aggressive, but after being around them for a week or two, he is more friendly and playful, so a slow introduction to any cat in the home would be essential.

He would not be suitable with children as he will give a nip for no reason or if he is over stimulated, but when told 'no' he will walk away and can, on occasion, be stopped before he gets over excited.

If you feel you have the experience and the love to give Turpin his forever home, we would love to hear from you. Please call us on 01438 228877 or contact us online via Turpin's page.