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Cats Protection launches The Behaviour Guide

10 May 2017
Cats Protection launches The Behaviour Guide

Cats Protection has produced The Behaviour Guide, an exciting new guide touching on a variety of topics on cat behaviour.

While the guide is aimed primarily at Cats Protection volunteers and staff, it is hoped that the guide will be useful to others – from animal welfare charities to veterinary professionals.

The guide is divided into four main sections:

• Promoting normal cat behaviour

• Cat behaviour in the rescue environment

•  Information for new cat owners

•  Common cat behavioural problems

The guide provides an introduction to most aspects of cat behaviour and aims to help gain a better understanding of cat behaviour and behavioural problems.

While it isn’t possible to provide a solution to every behaviour problem, it will provide an insight into why a cat might behave a certain way.

If you would like to download The Behaviour Guide, click here