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Terracycle Pet Food Packaging Scheme Closing

01 November 2021
We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us with the Terracycle pet food packaging recycling scheme. Since we joined the scheme in 2019, we've collected over 36,000 items of packaging and raised just over £300 for our centre by doing so.

The scheme is now coming to an end, and regrettably this means we will no longer have a way of recycling your packaging. Our final boxes will be collected mid-November, so if you have any packaging stored up at home please make sure it reaches us by Saturday 13th November. This ensures we can have them boxed up and ready to go in time.

The good news is that things have moved on quite a bit since the Terracycle scheme launched in 2019, and so whilst we may no longer be involved in a programme, there are others available through different operators. The following sites might be useful:

Flexible Plastic Fund
New Pets at Home Scheme

Thanks again for your support.

The North London Adoption Centre team