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Thinking of getting a kitten? Use our Kitten Checklist for peace of mind

29 March 2020

Cats Protection has teamed up with cat and vet organisations to create a Kitten Checklist, designed to help potential owners to ensure they choose a happy and healthy kitten.

Working with other organisations as part of The Cat Group, the checklist is an ideal guide for anyone buying a kitten – whether from a friend, neighbour or licensed seller.

The checklist focuses on everything from signs of ill health in a kitten, to understanding their behaviour and even how to determine how comfortable the kitten is around people.

Advice on what to look for when buying a kitten, as well as a downloadable version of The Kitten Checklist can be found here: www.cats.org.uk/adopt-a-cat/buying-a-kitten

To find out more about The Cat Group, visit their website.