Pyramid Collection Boxes

Recent surveys have shown that half of us never bother to save 1p pieces and 1 in 10 actually throw them away because they weigh too much!

Does that sound like you? If so, why not have one of our pyramid collection boxes for them instead! Every penny counts for us and 20p will feed a cat in our care for one day!

If you'd like a collection box please email us on with your address and we'll get one sent out to you!

Once you have filled your box, you can pay it into your bank and then send the amount to us in the following ways:


Bank Transfer:  
Cats Protection North Sheffield
Sort Code: 20-42-66  Account Number: 60109185


Alternatively you can contact us on or 07870 401 502 and we’ll arrange to pick up your donation, or visit us at one of our events and drop it off (see our web page or Facebook for details).

Thank you for your support.