How to adopt from Cats Protection Nottingham Adoption Centre

What is adoption? Adoption means you are offering a cat a permanent home. You can choose cats that are shown on our 'adopt a cat page'. When you adopt you become the permanent owner of the cat.

How do I select a cat? Whether you inquire about a cat by either visiting the centre or via our website you will need to complete a Homefinder form. This is to help us select a cat or kitten that is suitable for you and your home. The answers you give on the Homefinder form will not exclude you from adopting- it is purely to facilitate the matching process. We have a range of cats with differing needs, including some suitable for indoor only homes- perfect if you don't have a garden. Our staff will be happy to discuss the cats with you so that the one you choose will be right for you and your home.

Can I reserve a cat? Of course! Once you have visited the centre, met the cat and have completed a Homefinder form and we have matched you to a suitable cat based on your requirements, you can reserve the cat that you have met,  either by phone or in person (We cannot reserve a cat before visiting the centre). Some cats can often be in their new homes within a few days that they are reserved (the earliest that a cat can leave for its new home is generally 24hrs from being reserved) however if you need more time, for example to get things ready at home for your new furry friend, then the cat can be held exclusively for you for a maximum of 7 days from the day of reservation. If you change your mind about the cat you have reserved, that isn't a problem however please do call to let us know so that the cat can be seen by other people looking to adopt. Please make sure you are ready to adopt before coming to the centre or making a reservation.

What does adopting involve? Depending on your circumstances, the cat’s needs, and your Homefinder form, we may ask to visit your home prior to the adoption. Home visits are not always required, although we may ask to conduct one even after you have adopted a cat, in which case we will give at least 48 hours notice. We always ask for new potential owners to meet the cat at the centre before adopting, preferably together with everyone else living in the same household. When you arrive we will introduce you to the cat/cats and allow you time to get to know him/ her/them- often it is love at first sight! But if not- don't worry! It's perfectly natural to want to make sure the cat is right for you so if you change your mind just let us know- we may have other suitable cats for you to meet on the same day you visit the centre. Once you are happy that the cat you have chosen is the right one for you, our helpful team will take you through the paperwork- don't worry it isn't complicated but we need to do it for legal reasons and the whole process takes around 30-45 minutes to complete, depending upon how much time you spend meeting your new cat, and how many questions you may have. So ask away! After signing the paperwork and making the adoption payment, you will then be the proud owner of your new furry friend!

What are the adoption fees? There is an adoption fee of £65 per cat. Why? As a charity, it can cost on average around £300 to look after a cat in our care, so the fee we ask you to pay goes towards funding our work in helping cats. We don't receive any government funding and we rely solely on compassionate people like you to continue our hard work. All of our cats are health checked by a vet, vaccinated, neutered (if old enough), microchipped, and given flea and worming treatment. The fee can be paid by cash or cheque. We always appreciate any financial donations so if you are able to, no matter how small, you can do this at the time of the adoption- as we are a charity, the money will help support the costs of caring for your cat and others that we look after before they go to new homes.

What must I bring when coming to the centre to adopt a cat or kitten? * Please bring proof of address such as a recent utility bill or driving licence * If you live in rented accommodation you will need to provide evidence of your landlord’s permission. * You may be asked to provide proof of age. (The minimum age to be able to adopt a cat or kitten is 18). * You will need a cat carrier. We often have second hand carriers available for purchase.

Cardboard carriers or boxes are not suitable
. Please also bring a blanket or towel to put inside the carrier plus another to place over it. This will help to keep your new cat calm whilst travelling home.