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As part of National Pet Month we are asking you to skydive for cats!

As part of National Pet Month we are asking you to skydive for cats!

Visit our national charity skydive provider by clicking here to choose your own location and date.

By pledging to do a sponsored parachute jump, you will raise vital funds for Cats Protection and also have the experience of a lifetime! We recommend allowing yourself a minimum of six to eight months to raise the required minimum sponsorship if choosing this option so please bear this in mind when selecting dates.

Registration fee and minimum sponsorship pledge applies and may vary between locations and dates. Once you have booked, you will be contacted by our Events team who will support you throughout your fundraising and skydiving experience.

We understand the commitment, courage and thought that goes into participating in a challenge event on behalf of Cats Protection and promise we will do our very best to give you all the help and support you need to have a successful challenge and raise lots of much-needed funds to help us care for cats and kittens. You are able to nominate to support a local branch or centre with your fundraising.

We will also provide you with a dedicated skydivers Facebook group to network with fellow cat-loving adrenaline seekers and a branded Cats Protection polo top plus ideas, resources and support to help you fundraise.

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Your itinerary will vary depending on your drop zone, but you should allow a full day (8am-5pm) plus travel time on your jump day. As we all know the great British weather can be unpredictable and what we think are good conditions for skydiving may not actually be ideal. For example wind speeds can vary hugely when 10,000 feet up in the sky and this is one of the many weather conditions that are taken in to account when instructors and pilots make the decision to go ahead.

Many airfields offer catering or café facilities but we also recommend bringing your own food and entertainment with you, both online and offline options as some airfields by their nature are remote and don’t always offer Wi-Fi connections.

Please very carefully read your instructions which will be communicated to you by the dropzone organisers and our events team as they will give you a good idea of what to expect from your chosen dropzone.


Click here for challenge FAQs

Click here to download our FAQs

Can I choose my own date?

Yes, you can choose any date or time to skydive in your chosen location; opening and closing schedules may vary between locations.

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