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New Fosterers & New Pens

07 June 2018

We are very pleased, and fortunate, to be able to welcome on board fosterers, Maggie and Sarah Currie of Northlew.

Mother and daughter they are without question ‘Animal Lovers’ and between them share their smallholding with a total of 25 (yes 25) pet animals.

The list is varied to say the least and comprises of 4 horses, 1 donkey, 1 cat,
6 hamsters, 4 rats, 4 guinea pigs, 3 rabbits, 1 gerbil and finally 1 degu.  Lucky animals who are loved and well cared for.

It was last August 2017 when Maggie and Sarah were having a day out at the Okehampton Show and called in the Cats Protection show tent.

At the time, we had displayed around the tent walls photographs of a selection of the cats in our care that were looking for new homes.  They fell in love with the photos and expressed sadness at not being able to offer any of the cats a new home as they lacked enough space indoors.

Very light-heartedly, we said, “well you could become fosterers and have a pen placed in your garden if you have room”.  Their faces lit up and they jumped at the chance, saying they had several places on their land where a pen could be sited.  And so began the process of bringing them on board.

We then visited them to look at possible sites for a double pen and to also talk about commitment and the requirements needed to foster cats.  All was fine and a site for the pens was identified.  We informed them that the installation of pens can take some time to complete and so it proved to be.  Early September saw our pen supplier Harris Timber of Exeter visit the property to decide on pen design and plot out the base needed for the pen to sit on.  The construction of a double pen would take between 6/8 weeks and would home 4 cats or mothers with kittens.

The order was placed and then it was over to us at Okehampton CP to locate a builder to dig out and lay down the 3m x 4m concrete base.  All was planned for late November but, as everyone knows the rains and frost arrived and this delayed everything until early February when the base was laid.

Next to arrive were the double pens which were erected towards the end of March.  We have to say that the quality and finish of the pens is truly excellent as was the build process.

Finally, it was time to have all the electrics installed and again we were fortunate enough to find a first class electrician in Jamie Drew of Okehampton. All the electrics were in within two days and the wall heaters, bed heaters etc. were fitted.

Beds, toys, cleaning materials etc have all now been delivered, and finally they are ready for their first guests.

We wish them every success and are sure they will get great pleasure from being fosterers.  Thank you Maggie and Sarah.


We are dedicating the new pens to the memory of Maurice Stokes who was a founder member of the original Hatherleigh & Okehampton Cats Protection.  Sadly, Maurice passed away in 2017 and in his Will had left a legacy for our Branch.  This legacy has helped greatly towards the cost of the new pens.  Our appreciation has been made known to Maurice’s family.  Thank you Maurice.