Winter donations appeal - via Justgiving

This winter we will be caring for those cats and kittens not so lucky to have found their forever home yet and we want to ensure that they have everything they could wish for in these cold winter months. As volunteers we give our time for free but food, electric, toys, bedding and medical treatment is only possible down to kind and generous supporters.

No matter how large or small your donation, 100% of it will go to buying thethings out cats and kittens need to be cared for throughout the winter. You can donate by visting our appeal page here

£2 would buy a festive fluffy toy for them to play with.

£10 You could fund the microchipping of two cats. Smaller than a grain ofrice, a microchip takes less than 20 seconds to insert and gives us a permanentway of identifying a cat should they ever go missing.

£15 One week’s care over Christmas which could include a special dinner ofturkey-flavoured food.

£30 Two weeks’ care over Christmas which could include any veterinary care acat needs.

£60 One month’s care over Christmas which could include everything a catneeds to stay happy and healthy

You can also text to donate Text OKCP71 and the amount (eg £5) to 70070.

Thank you on behalf of the cats and kittens, from all of the branch volunteers.