Mr BumbeeWhat if I find an injured stray or feral cat that needs urgent veterinary care, but I don't want to or can't pay for treatment?

Please always bring an injured cat in to your nearest veterinary surgery, as you will NOT have to pay for treatment if the cat is not your own. If a cat is not claimed, then the SSPCA will pay for its treatment, so please don't let an animal suffer unneccesarily.

What if I need to get my cat neutered or spayed and I can't afford it?


Since 1st March 2012, OICP is no longer able to fund every cat neutering carried out in Orkney. 
Where neutering has been carried out, payment is down to the individual owner unless they have sought and been granted OICP assistance by direct contact with us via our Helpline.

If people ask us for assistance, OICP can offer a fixed value voucher (valid for one month from date of issue) towards the cost of neutering.  The vouchers are for £26.00 towards the cost of neutering a female cat and/or £20.00 towards the cost of neutering a male cat. People on very low incomes and/or benefits MAY be entitled to a greater contribution by OICP. Vouchers must be arranged with OICP in advance, by telephoning the HelpLine on 01856 771642, leaving a message and the caller will be rung back.  

For all Cats Protection cats (such as: cats currently in foster care, feral cats trapped by OICP volunteers only, and cats homed by OICP whilst too young to neuter), the full cost of neutering will continue to be met by OICP. All OICP cats must also have the vouchers arranged in advance. 

Both Northvet and Flett & Carmichael are aware that, if someone requires OICP funding towards the cost of neutering, this must be arranged in advance and both the owner and the veterinary practice informed of the voucher number and value, otherwise responsibility for payment is down to the individual owner. If you have any queries as to the funding procedure or your eligibility, please give our Helpline a call on 01856 771642 or email us at info@orkneycats.co.uk. 


I don't like cats and think there's already too many of them in Orkney. Why should I care?

There ARE far too many unwanted cats in Orkney - neutering and spaying is a big part of what we do.  All cats we rehome or release back into the community are neutered or spayed.  The more money we raise, the more cats we can sterilise.

How do I know that the money I give you won't be wasted on personnel at head office?

Our workers are all unpaid volunteers.  The money we raise is spent here in Orkney - the vast majority of it directly on caring for cats.  Some of the rest goes toward further fundraising - for instance purchasing prizes for draws etc. We also spend a small amount on raising wareness of cat related issues. Our administration overhead is negligible - far less than 1% of all funds expended.

Aren't you doing what the SSPCA is meant to be doing?

By focusing on capturing, neutering and rehoming unwanted cats, we enable the SSPCA to focus on other types of animals and other issues - for instance cruelty and neglect.  We often home cats on behalf of the SSPCA (without any funding from them). By bringing stray/unwanted cat related issues directly to us you are freeing up time for SSPCA's officer and saving distress to the cat/kitten from unnecessary movements and transfers.