Open Day 2014

Open Day 2014

Ah, a promising start to the day! Nevertheless, our intrepid volunteers begin assembling the gazebos... 

Guess the gaffer... 
And then the rain started, and it poured! Unsurprisingly, there weren't many visitors... Even Toss the Turd looked lonely

However, a few people braved the weather and the rain died off.
 Even Malx the Cat was tempted out, although it was quickly apparent that he'd been sheltering from the rain at the Tombola Stall...
He had even found himself a lady friend!  Meeeeoooow!
 And then it was all over except for the puddles...  
 But we couldn't leave this soggy "tail" without showing off the stars of the day...    

The beautiful Misty
The rather exhausted Jack and Jill   

  LittleYogi Bear (check out those lugs!)

Charlie the Cutie-pie!  

And finally, a pen so full of wriggly black cutie kitties, that I'm not even sure how many were in there!  Here are 4 that I managed to pin down long enough to take a photo, the others had all scarpered long before I got the camera out!   

Thanks to the kind generosity of the people who braved the weather to support us, we raised just over £1,000.  
Thank you all so very much and hope to see you next year!