Callie : Tortie/tabby female

I adopted Callie who is 6 years old in February. At first she was a bit unsettled and took quite a while to adapt to her surroundings. She even took a while to get used to me. I knew from Cats Protection she had a troubled life. I was patient and provided all the TLC she could possibly have.

9 months down the line and its clear she is boss of the house. I don’t need to set my alarm clock anymore. 6AM is feeding time, every morning. I am usually wakened up by Callie licking my face. She is the boss. When I’m away at work I know she is safe in the house….the whole house.

In among all the sleeping, she still has time to play. The toys give her hours of amusement every day and now and again she like to fight with her shadow in the bath, occasionally she even brings me the odd present…if you know what I mean.

Once feeding time is over in the evening, all she wants to do is lie on my lap and curl up for an hour or two. When she wants out for some fresh air she will sit at the front door and wait patiently until I open it. It too much hassle for he to walk to the kitchen and through the cat flap. I think her attitude is, “if I’m up then you should be up as well”

Patience and TLC was all that was needed to give Callie another chance at life and it has pleased me as much as her to give this. I think the TLC should be renamed as spoilt as that is what Callie is. I know I will have years more fun and love to give Callie and I’m glad that Cats Protection assisted me in finding her.