Cinders: Black female

We adopted Cinders in March 2010, she is one year old and she has settled in very well. She is very much part of the family and it feels as if she has always been here with us.

We love having Cinders with us because when our last cat died, she was 22 years old, we didn't enjoy the peace and quiet much and the house felt empty without her.

Cinders doesn't like it when she is in the house on her own as she prefers company. She gives us lots of cuddles and she loves attention.

She loves to play (especially in the early morning!)

Despite having lots of toys, her favourite is an old lace from my trainers. She loves it when I shine the torch onto the floor and up on the walls as she likes to chase the light.

She has recently started to go outside and fortunately she only goes into the back garden which is quite a large area.
We bought her a tall scratching post which she loves and she tends to hang upside down from it.

She is prone to waking my dad up between 4-5am with her lace in her mouth ready to play. (I really don't think my dad likes this, although he can't resist her cheekiness). When she is outside, she prefers to come in to use her litter tray rather than dig up my dad's flowers.