Black and white male cat

George came to live with us by accident really as it wasn't totally planned. He'd been in foster care with strangely enough, my younger brother. One weekend we looked after George while my brother was away for a couple of days, by going round several times a day and feeding him and fussing over George. We both felt he was a lovely cat and immediately became fond of him over that weekend. We have our own cat, Oscar. Oscar is a house cat due to where we live in the city centre, and we had never considered another cat in our home but after meeting George, well....

We did think a lot about taking George on and still weren't sure. Not so much being a house cat as George was more than happy being indoors with no inclination to go outside. We were more concerned about how Oscar would react to another cat in his domain. Fate in a way took over suddenly. One evening the CP cats had to be moved around quickly for a cat to come into care. The only way it would work was if we took George to give a space. So we did, but still worried if it would work.

Oscar wasn't happy to begin with and hid. A couple of days later Oscar was out of his hiding place and very curious about this new cat. We kept thinking, will it work? Two weeks later and both were following each other around. Now they run around together and play. In hindsight it was what Oscar needed, as being an indoor cat he needed feline company. Oscar has changed and loves to play with his new friend. George...well he's a typical lap cat and when anyone visits he lands on their knee and purrs.

Despite our reservations, it was the best thing that we ever did taking George into our home. He's a lovely cat and has given our Oscar companionship of the feline variety. If we hadn't met him through Cats Protection then we would still be a single cat household.

Andrew and Hazel

Update on George
George and Oscar moved away from Aberdeen with us in June 2010, almost 8 months after George came to live with us.  We now live a couple of hundred miles away further south, in a small town, with lots of open space and no traffic.  George now goes outside, only into our garden and sits there with us while we potter around and comes running inside with us.  We wondered how he'd be travelling with us to our new home but he sat there very interested in everything that was going on, sniffed around his new pad and then found our bed and went to sleep very content. He's trying to persuade his pal Oscar to come into the garden with him, but Oscar isn't too impressed!