Isla (Feral Tabby)

Isla: Feral tabby

We we got Isla she was a tiny, scared little feral cat having been found with her brother and sister on a roundabout and they were about 7 months old.

She was originally named Jordan because of her jumping abilities but Isla was a far prettier name for a gorgeous cat. Everyone thought we were mad taking in a feral cat but she was as good as gold from day one.

She didn't even make a fuss in the car on the way home!

She loves the company of other people and loves to show off, either playing with her toys or racing around the room, but shows no inclination to go outside, possibly after having spent so much time outside fending for herself.

She even likes going to the vet to have her claws clipped.

She has now grown into her tail and must measure nearly 2 foot from her pretty head to the end of her tail when stretched out on the bed! She is getting more adventerous about going out but only when Mum or Dad is firmly attached to the lead. She spends hours playing with her Dad and deliberately lands on his arm, head, leg just to get contact with him. We love her to bits!

So anyone who is scared of taking home a feral, don't be. They just possibly need a little more patience but the love they give back is more than worthwhile.