Jet and Kip

Jet and Kip arrived with us in early March of 2010 when they were around a year old. A year ago they were quiet, timid and afraid of just about everything including sudden sounds and movements made by various inanimate objects! Now, things have changed dramatically. They are still nervous about visitors and strangers to the house; but will quietly sit in a corner and observe the stranger with their enormous eyes instead of running straight for the sanctuary of their bed.
They have made a great friend in me and it is not uncommon for them to follow me around the house and shout for cuddles and attention. Magick (Kip) is very much a lap cat and will try and sit on me whenever he can, including when I'm trying to eat or work! Merlin (Jet) is a quiet soul who hasn't quite mastered the technique of meowing yet - instead every so often you hear a high-pitched squeak from behind you and that's his way of letting you know he wants his tummy rubbed! Neither cat is afraid of shouting for his tea though!

Both cats have definitely developed a cheeky streak to their personalities! They sleep in the kitchen with access to the garden at night so they don't wake everyone up at 4AM when they like to play and chase each other - and it's not uncommon to find them sitting on the kitchen table in the morning or trying to sneak into the master bedroom when they think you're not looking - both places they know full well are off limits to them! They've also "inherited" their own sofa as well as a number of toys and two sappy owners who they've managed to convince to do just about anything for them.

Merlin has even begun to try his "paw" at hunting - unfortunately for him he can't make himself as invisible as he apparently thinks he can - black cats don't look anything like plants and sitting in a flower pot isn't fooling anyone; especially the birds he's trying to catch! Batting the bird feeder in the hopes that a bird will fall out doesn't seem to be working out for him either, and Magick's attempts at charging at them from 20 feet away don't do him any favours. He remains very proud of the fact that he managed to catch a butterfly last year though!

All in all Magick and Merlin are two incredibly spoiled (and perhaps a little stupid), but very contented cats and we couldn't be happier with the new additions to our family!
A big thank you to everyone at CP for caring for them and letting us take them to their forever home!

Hollie & Lesley