Little Old Lady

Little Old Lady : Tabby female

This is our princess little Old Lady’ (aka LoL). She is thought to be around 17-19 years of age.

She came to live with me (Arlene), Adam and Tiggy (also a rescue cat aged 15) on the 10th of February 2009.

We had been looking to home another elderly cat for a couple of months & were patiently waiting for one to ‘come along’.

Little Old Lady’s ‘real’ mum had sadly passed away leaving her on her own. A kind neighbor Dave was looking after LoL until she was found a new home by Cats Protection. Dave used to call LoL ‘Puss’ as he didn’t know her real name & there were no vet records to be found. Puss was very lucky to have someone like Dave take care of her & she will always be grateful to Dave for looking after her over the weeks she was lonely.

When Adam and I went to see LoL she looked a bit sorry for herself. Her fur was greasy and she looked pale, this was probably due to the fact she had bad teeth and mouth ulcers.
CP took her to the vet for a dental. She came out with 4 teeth and the mouth ulcers cleared up very quickly. LoL is also a bit stiff on her back legs due to arthritis.

We both thought she looked so sweet & she was really friendly. She certainly knew how to woo us by rubbing up against our legs & purring. How could we resist!

A couple of weeks later LoL came to live with us. We gave her a ‘wash’ with some pet wipes and we continued brushing her like Dave used to do, she loves a brush and purrs away. Her fur changed from greasy to glossy, who needs Head and Shoulders!
She settled in without any problems & is with out a doubt the boss of the house. Tiggy will confirm this.

She loves attention, being groomed & a knee to sit on – then again don’t all elderly cats? Occasionally she plays & slivers on her cat nip toys. Her favorite times are when she gets cats treats & cat milk.

During last summer on the lovely warm sunny days (yes, there were some) she lay in the back garden snoozing away from the early hours until the sun went down. Her favorite spot was lying beside the catnip bushes.

Winter is a different story. Little Old Lady sleeps all day on her beanbag, there should be a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign hanging from it. The beanbag sit’s next to the radiator so she is lovely and cosy.

Lol is a bit hard of hearing now and is on kidney and thyroid tablets every day, which she usually takes no problem - thankfully. Although I do occasionally find them spat out next to her food bowl.

It’s definitely worth taking on an older cat. We love taking care of both Little Old Lady and Tiggy and they both give us so much love back.

Older cats are great. They come with their own personalities and they usually like the quiet life. They are quite happy just to be in a warm loving home to see out their OAP years.

It’s very rewarding to think your helping an older cat live out the last years few years of their life contently.

Kittens are cute but I think older cats are cuter.

Please think about taking on an older cat if you are thinking of adopting.


Sadly Little Old Lady was put to sleep on Monday 21st June 2010. She is greatly missed.