Magners and Blackie

Magners and Blackie have been with us for 6 days now, they settled in right away, they were so inquisitive when they arrived here, but they had a good night and have been like that ever since.  They are so affectionate, so loving to each other and to Dave and myself, it's unreal!  We love them, they seem to love us, there have been no problems whatsoever. 

They don't seem to be interested in outdoors, Blackie ( who we have re-names Biko ), shows a wee bit of interest, just a little bit, but Magners ( who is now known as Maxi ), looks a bit apprensive when a door is opened.  We'll see how they are after a couple of weeks here.   Anyway, just to let you know how we love them so much, we're glad we took both of them, it now seems incredible that we didn't think about it right away!  They are wonderful together, and get on so well together!  Thanks for looking after them before we adopted them, they're lovely!


Catherine and Dave Lobban.