Milo: Ginger Tabby

My name is Gail and I have a thing about ginger boys. Now hopefully that has caught your attention, so I’ll tell you more. The ginger boys I particularly like are of the feline variety. Now don’t get me wrong, I like the ones of the human variety too, but ginger cats are my weakness.

It all began 9 years ago when I adopted my first cat from Cats Protection in Dundee named Jaspar and following him there was Jake. Sadly both boys are gone but never forgotten.

Today my ginger joy is my wee boy Milo, now I’ve explained my weakness, this story is about him and some special fellows he left behind at the Outer Aberdeen branch of the CP.

I began my life as a volunteer at the branch. During my first trip to the pens I was introduced to some fairly new residents who were tiny and cuddling the life out of each other on a cold November night. There were 5 boys and 1 girl. 4 black and white tabbies, 1 pure ginger and 1 ginger and white tabby. A little timid, a little unsure, they were only a couple of months old and the beginning of their journey had been a wee bit turbulent as was explained.

I fell in love with them all right away and as I began volunteering on a permanent basis, I always looked forward to seeing them.

Their progress has gone on before my very eyes. I watched them get bigger, grow longer and each one develop their own little personalities and quirks as time has gone on.

On attending the pens, theirs was always the pen I went to first, 6 little faces desperate to get out and play and make mischief in the run amongst themselves. Curious and fun-loving, they were a joy to watch.

As the weeks went on, they became braver, bolder and very friendly. In particular, the ginger and white boy would nuzzle up to me or watch my every move on cleaning the pen. I’d be on my knees sweeping the floor with the dust pan and brush and he would be right there at my knee taking in everything I was doing. I just couldn’t get this boy out of my head and after much persuasion (and constant whining and nagging dare I say) at home, my partner Steve (who is not ginger but a shade of peppered silver!) was unwillingly taken to the pens to visit a cat going by the name of Roddy. Yes he liked him, yes he was cute but he was 5 months old and could we really cope with a kitten as well as have one? So many questions, I had all the answers of course and the next day we went to collect him.

It was a heartbreaking scene as he had been let out to play with his siblings and all of a sudden he was escorted from the premises with me. Night One involved a whole night remaining in the basket he had been brought home in but by night 3 we were his best chums.

It didn’t take long before we became servants to our ginger prince and since then he has become the centre of our universe. He loves having his tum tickled and his chin chookled. He is even a fan of tv and is devastated when it goes off. Lately, when I ask him for a kiss, he will press his nose up to me and lets me pucker up (yes I love him that much!).

He has his favourite chair in the house, a toy box jam packed and there isn’t anywhere he hasn’t slept and I of course would never deny him it either. He was neutered last month, had his worm and flea treatments and is now taking baby steps to the big wide world (with mummy’s supervision of course).

When we got home that day, he was given a new name. I called him Milo which means ‘peaceful’. But so we don’t forget his beginnings, he is Milo Roddy Mitchell and he is my bundle of joy.