Oakley/Tom : Male ginger tabby

Oakley came into our care earlier this year. He was found in the Dyce area of Aberdeen. Despite advertising, we were unable to trace his owner. Oakley had no ID, collar nor microchip. He was a lovely cat, very handsome, but not keen on the other cats at the pens where he went to live.

Oakley lived at our pens for several months and had been on our rehoming page - a regular face there. Although a handsome ginger, we didn't seem to be able to find the perfect match for him. Oakley had a habit which put people off him. The cheeky boy loved to spray and would like to show off his skills when someone came to view him with the intention of rehoming him. His talents put all potential owners off.

We began to wonder if we could ever find a home for Oakley. He loved attention and would drool when you fussed over him. After 7 months, a miracle happened. Someone was looking on our website for the cats that were looking for a new home, and called us very quickly. They were convinced this was their missing boy, Tom. Tom had gone missing on his way to boarding kennels as his owners were going on holiday and he hadn't been seen since.

Tom's owners came to visit Oakley and immediately knew it was their missing boy (and Oakley - or rather Tom) knew them too, and was soon on his way back home.

A happy ending for Tom, but he would have been returned immediately to his owners if he had been microchipped.