Pebbles (and Cubby) : Tabby cats

Pebbles arrived as a young kitten approx 6 weeks old. At the time I also rook another little boy into my care, a tiny feral aged 6-7 weeks old named Cubby. Cubby didn't know how to play and was very timid. Pebbles soon took him out of his shell, showed him what how to play and gain confidence within himself.

They soon became best friends.

Cubby took ill and required urgent surgery, and Pebbles missed him terribly. Once her friend returned she was overjoyed to see him. As they were so close, it was the intention to home both Pebbles and Cubby together and they both left to go to a new home.

Pebbles settled really well but little Cubby, even with his best friend there, couldn't, so he came back to live with me on a permanent basis.

Pebbles is enjoying life in her new home, where she plays with her favourite toys - hair bobbles.

Angie (Fosterer)