Socks : Grey and white male cat

I adopted my 3 legged cat Socks about 3 years ago now, Socks started off being very nervous and did not like being in the house when the door was closed or around too many people especially strangers! We have moved now to Banchory with a lovely garden and Socks has a cat flap into both the house and the shed where he has his own bed.

He can now be found either sunbathing on the decking or sleeping upstairs on our bed!! It has taken a long time to get Socks to come out of his shell and be comfortable in the house, but he really has transformed into a very happy cat and is always seen hopping around the neighbourhood on his 3 legs!

The best thing I ever did was meet Socks and bring him home to live with us, he is amazing!

Natalie Mclelland