Tommy and Garry

Tommy and Garry
Feral brothers

I had several cats in my life, all of which have been domestic, so when my partner and I decided to get a kitten the obvious thing to do was find a domestic kitten for sale in the paper. I desperately wanted a ginger kitten, as my previous cat was ginger and was my most favourite cat ever. To my disappointment we could not find a ginger kitten anywhere and my partner suggested trying Cats Protection. I was unsure, but agreed to go along and have a look. Upon our arrival we spotted two ginger kittens that were 17 weeks old. Although the kittens were very scared, one of them did approach us and show signs of love. The other one was very afraid and hissed when we tried to clap him, but he was willing to play with a feather on a string, which was a positive sign. Either way we absolutely fell in love with them both and under no circumstances were willing to separate them, so shortly afterwards we left with not one but two ginger kittens.

I read a very interesting book on feral kittens and followed the instructions very carefully and I believe that this has helped me in the success of turning two very scared kittens into the most loving kittens that I have ever known.

When we got them home we left a box in the corner of the kitchen with food, water and fresh litter. They stayed in there for 24 hours and under no circumstances did we reach in and invade their safe place.

When they first came out of their box they ran for cover behind the TV, however after a short while they came out to investigate. We purposely did not clap them or pick them up, we simply ignored them.

When they started to get comfortable with their surroundings we gradually introduced clapping and gave them a treat if we were successful. Once they realised that clapping was a good thing we started to pick them up, hold them for a second and then release them, and eventually we were able to place them on our laps for a cuddle.

Now they are both very much at home ... And at times could actually be mistaken for babies!!!

It took us four weeks to get them to where they are today, but it has been so worth it and I would not have it any other way! If you can be patient with feral cats and gain their trust then I believe that you will get even more love in return. No words can express how I feel about my baby boys, they make me so happy and everyday I am thankful that I took that trip to Cats Protection