Hey, Tams is doing great, I have found that like most cats he doesnt like water unless I've been cooking then he doesnt fuss if im doing dishes and there is water about as long as he can try to get to the food again being a chancer hehe. The only time he makes a fair noise and even then its not very loud is if there is the smell of tuna in the air when he goes daft!

I think its due to the nights being colder or my pillow being a feather one, which is probably the more likely answer but he has taken to putting a paw on my face in the middle of the night so he can cuddle up on it beside my head if hes been lying at the bottom of the bed. The first picture is me home about an hour after work when im on the laptop he sits on my legs or stomach now, he also is very energetic and loves to play with empty bottles.

He is an amazing cat and it always brightens up my day no matter how bad work has been to have a four legged fluff ball with his tail high in the air running to greet you at the door ^^, he still follows both of us everywere but the front door if were leaving for work either of us he seems to know and does the cute face as we call it. He still has the young cat face but is fairly growing into a georgeous boy :D

take care, hope all is well at the cp

kimberley mcbain