Zeus, Dom and Gordon

Hi, we thought we should give you another update on the three boys we adopted way back in February (Zeus, Dom & Gordon, now Leo & Orion).  We are delighted with the progress our trio are making and they are still getting better and better as each month goes by. 


They started getting outside in May once they settled into a routine and were getting too boisterous for the house and it seems to have been the making of them.  We had a bit of a worry the first week when Leo went missing on his first outing and was gone for a whole week.  He had been the most timid and we were thinking the worst when he made a re-appearance on a Sunday morning looking a bit thin but none the worse for his adventure. Since then he has come on and is hardly recognisable as the cat who hide behind the washing machine whenever we were in his vicinity.  He is much more confident when he has his buddy's near by for back up but is a lovely cat and is really quite affectionate when he's feeling brave.

Zeus was always the bolder of the three seems to be the boss and definitely has the best appetite.  He too has had an adventure and was involved in some sort of turf war with another cat. It slowed him down for a whole day and then he resumed normal activities and doesn't seem to have damped his love for hunting or patrolling his territory.

Orion has been the most curious of the three and was the first to try and escape outside and was the first to explore the house and then the garden.  He loves being petted and playing with the toys the most and definitely is the best at playing football (ideally with golf balls!).  He is also a keen sunbather as you will see in the photos.


On a final note, all three are excellent mousers and have even managed to get a few rabbits.  The first day they got out Orion had caught his first mouse within 45mins, surely some sort of record!  Since then it has been almost a daily task to clear up the remains from the night before but they are certainly earning their keep and I don't think we can have a mouse within a 1/2 mile of our house.  It has been a pleasure to spend time with the three of them and it is so rewarding to see how they have improved since Feb and we are sure they will keep growing in confidence for a while yet.  Hope you like the photos!



Jane and Mike.