Cats of the Month - Where are they now?

We've been running our Cat of the Month feature since April 2015, so we thought you might be interested in what happened to some of them  We will be doing this now for all Cats of the Month so you can follow their stories.

Cats of the Month

Black cat lying down, with ears pricked Small tabby cat sitting in the sunshine with half-closed eyes  Smart black cat standing alert, with ears pricked.
Fifteen year old Mini came from a busy household, looking for peace and quiet.  She had a bad start - when she was born, she had to be revived!  When we took her to be neutered, the vet discovered she was very strangely plumbed inside, and might even be intersex!  It took two attempts to do the job, but she came through the operations fine, and has gone to live with a couple who have been interested in her since we first got her. Five-year-old Olly came to us because his elderly owner. Sadly, could no longer look after him.  He was a nervous boy to start with, but once he got to know his fosterer, he fell in love with her. Poor Olly has a few medical problems - a sensitive tummy, ingrown eyelashes, and his third eyelids are apt to cover his eyes, leading to reduced vision; these things are sometimes linked.He had an operation to help his eyes, but had a long recovery.  His fosterer decided she could not bear to part with him, so he has found his forever home! Milo is a friendly and loving boy who enjoys human company and chasing toys. Sadly, his previous owner had to give him up, but he was very happy in foster, and is now a happy, much loved member of his new family.
Black cat standing on a kitchen counter with his tail curled into a question mark    

Four year old Sooty got lost from his family when he was nine months old, was a stray for three years, and sadly, his former family could not have him back, but he has found his forever home.  so he needs a new forever home. He is a bit timid, but is starting to find his feet – and his food bowl! His new owner is patient, and celebrates each step forward. She loves him to bits, and describes him as “very regal and handsome, lounging on the spare bed”



Two tabby cats curled together in a grassy nest Mother Esta, a grey and white Persian, and daughter Yasmin, a dark grey Persian, lying on a bed in their new home.   Elderly, beaten-up Siamese cat walking toward the camera
Kitty was born to a feral cat in her village about 9 years ago and has always lived outdoors, but she has been known to come inside to eat and sleep overnight if the conditions are right and she is able to leave on her own terms. Sadly, the lady who has been looking after her in her garden was no longer able to do so and Kitty needed a new place to stay. She is affectionate at meal times and will brush against your legs but does not like to be stroked or picked up. She is definitely not a lap cat but still deserved someone to watch over her. Kitty has gone to live in a managed feral colony in Sussex - all the food she can eat, and outdoor heated pods to sleep in!  A perfect outcome for this little girl. The Gorgeous Girls, Esta (grey and white) and her daughter  Yasmin (dark grey), are both settling in well. Esta follows her new owner around and loves fuss, and Yasmin rushes about playfully. They love their play tunnel, especially hiding in there and then shooting out to give their human a shock! They are both very happy and content, and their new human loves having them there. A very happy ending for the Persian Gems.  Lovable, friendly Vinnie, a partially-sighted elderly warrior, has retired from his feral life, and gone to live with a calm, gentle owner who will give him a happy retirement as an indoor cat.
 Big tabbie cat with white chin blinking in the sun  White and black cat, on a shelf, looking at the camera Black cat lying on a bed 
Energetic, boisterous, but loving Callie is believed to be half-Bengal, and needed a special home with someone who understands her quarter Asian Leopard Cat nature! She is now enjoying an active and interesting life with somebody who really knows what she needs!   Nieva lived with his sister and a dog since he was a few weeks old, but he turned into a bully cat with them, so it was time for him to find his own place.  His very experienced new owner is keeping him as an indoor cat, but he’s now living in a roomy flat, and there are plans to build him a catio! He’s settled in well, and his new owner describes him as “Amazing”!  

Lovely, affectionate, curious Luna has settled in really well and her new owners can’t remember what life was like without her! She’s a real sweetie and they are enjoying having her around. She is becoming more playful as time goes on, and is not a noisy cat, just miaows for biscuits, or to go outside. She’s very well-behaved, and doesn’t try to jump on counters – she even waits to be lifted onto the bed!



Closeup of black cat looking at the camera Ginger cat curled up next to a man with folded arms Orange cat on a cushion in the sun 
Handsome Frodo lives life on his own terms, after a rough life, but is a good cat who just needs someone to understand him - and after six months of searching, he has found a kind owner who can give him what he needs.  She finds him a lovely cat, who lets her pick him up, but is apt to bite if he sees sudden movement in his peripheral vision, a legacy of his past.  But now he is happy and contented, with a garden and scrubland to play in and a loving home to come back to. Ginger is one of the minority of ginger cats who are female. After living with one owner all her life, he had to go into hospital so she came to us. She has settled in well to her new home and is now contentedly sitting on laps!

Marmite, seven years old, came from China with his owners, five years ago. He loves his food very much, and needs an eye kept on his weight! Marmite has found a happy new home with a patient owner, and has settled in well.



White and black long haired cat curled up, happily looking at the camera    
  Lucy was about 14 months old and came to us with her kittens. She was very timid to start with. Now in her new home, her owner says that Lucy has settled in really well and is very confident now: She loves to be played with, and have her tummy rubbed when she is playing or being brushed. She also enjoys playing with her numerous toys on her own too - she has boundless energy and gets very excited and frisky when she is playing.  She loves company, and likes to sit on her owner’s lap watching TV etc., or on top of her at night!  She is a very happy, loving cat, and has certainly made it clear which areas of the house are now her favourite spots Sali-Mali and Blaze were the bottom of the heap in a household of 18 cats, and they are strongly bonded together.  Sali Mali has settled into their new home the quicker of the two, and follows her owner around the house like a little shadow at times; she is very keen to give and receive headbutts and fuss. Sali Mali likes watching the TV, perched beside her owner on the arm of the chair. She's also loving her new garden. Blaze is still taking her time to settle in, as she is easily spooked and is very much a nocturnal girl who likes to hide during the day. There are plenty of hiding places she can occupy, including the bedroom wardrobe to which Sali Mali obligingly opens the door if she ever finds it closed. Blaze is starting to become more relaxed in her new surroundings and rolls around on the floor for a tummy tickle. The girls play and chase each other around the house during the night, so that's fun.   
Head and shoulders of whilte cat with black and tabby patches Black cat looking up   White and black cat with bright eyes looking up at camera
After being abandoned in a very poorly state, Minstrel remained in our care for 19 months being nursed back to health, Minstrel has now been adopted by a lovely lady that was willing to take on a diabetic cat with additional health issues and was getting his feet under the carpet and his head on her pillow! Minstrel however decided to make a break to freedom, which was overly concerning due to his health issues. The fosterer and her family went over on a few occasions to help the adopter search for him, and I am pleased to report he is safe and well back in his new home, staying awfully close to his adopter.  When Forest came in, he was frightened, particularly of feet and legs, but he has found a quiet home where he has blossomed into a friendly little lad, folowing his new owner about and happily sitting next to them. Martha used to be a pet until her owner bought a dog and she moved out into the neighbour’s garden where she would come up to the back door to be fed, but wouldn’t come inside anymore. She was a very special little cat and needed a very special home.  Thankfully, she now has a happy life with her new owner, and within a few days was relaxing and getting comfortable.
Black and white cat looking up at the camera Head and shoulders of white cat with black patches Head and shoulders of whilte cat with black and tabby patches 
Branston had a bit of an eventful journey, but is now living in a happy home near Heathrow, where he settled in very quickly and is doing well!


Minor has moved to live near a golf course. He's settling in well, playing with toys and sitting on laps, and generally remembering what it is like to be a beloved pet. Having lost two homes in the recent past, he is quite needy for affection, which his new owner is happy to provide. 
After a difficult start, with a neck injury and 4 newborn kittens, needing to wear a smart red bodysuit for a few weeks, Stella has found a quiet, happy home with plenty of fussing, warm places to curl up and sleep with cuddly toys, and catnip mice to chase!


Charlie stretched on the rug in front of the fire, relaxing We did rehome a lot of cats in 2021, but due to the Pandemic and resulting health problems, we did not update the website!  
Ginge, now renamed Charlemagne, is a big. boisterous boy, who is FIV-positive.  He has found a happy home with an experienced owner, and is learning how to be a pet again, including how to walk on a harness and lead!    


Luna has found her new home!  Piggy, white and black, and Wonky, black and white, sitting on a blanket Cassie, beige and white with black head and tail and white paws, curled up in the window in the sun 
Luna found herself a lovely country home with a couple that lost the much loved old dog last year, they realised their current lifestyle was not suitable for a young dog and decided to adopt a cat. They chose Luna who is settling in well and loving all the attention she is getting and rewarding them with lots of purrs. Piggy and Wonky are shy little girls from a multi-cat household that needed a new home together.  They have found a lovely home with a lady who is experienced with timid cats, and are settling in well.  Cassie was found as a stray, in a shed with her five kittens.  She has found a lovely, quiet home with experienced owners and is enjoying lots of stroking. 
Theodore is a happy cat now! Suki has a lovely home now   Squeak lives in a big house in the country now
Sweet, gentle old Theodore (16) was looking for a quiet, happy home for his retirement. He has arthritis and a heart murmer, both controlled with medication.  He's living with a mother and daughter now, and having a lovely time. Suki had a difficult life, kicked out after a family breakup, living rough, losing her sister to a dog attack, and with the neighbour that fed her dying.  Once she came to us, we found she had heart and kidney problems.  She found a lovely home, but her new owner died!  So back she came to us, but now has a happy home with a lady who specialises in older cats, and is settling in well. Squeak came to us very timid and shy, from a multicat household. At first, he flinched every time somebody petted him, but he slowly got more used to it, and once he trusted someone, he did enjoy it. He loves his toys, and his dinner, and has a very special purr!! He found his special person, and has gone to live in large house in the country - happy ending! 


Clover and Daisy settled in right away!  Millie now has a forever home  
Clover and Daisy are sisters from a family home - and they have gone to another loving family, where they fitted in right away - within minutes of arrival they were both sitting on laps! Millie, the little semi-feral cat who needed lots of love and patience before she could relax enough to enjoy the petting and tummy tickles she craved, has gone to a lovely new home along with Misty, who was fostered by the same carer. Misty gives Millie confidence, and they have settled in well.    
Prince has a happy home along, and so does Bessie  Bella is happy again Snowflake has a new home
Prince and Bessie were both special needs cats.  Prince had only three legs after an accident, and has found a home along with a kitten.  Bessie is blind and needs blood pressure medication.  Both a sweet, loving cats and it is wonderful that very special people have come along to give them love and forever homes Eight year old Bella had a lot of changes in her life, and despite being sweet and quiet and enjoying a fuss, ended up in the pen for more than two months, which she did not enjoy. She has gone to live with a gentleman who had just lost his own cat and couldn't face a home without a feline companion. She has settled well and is happy to be home! Sweet, gentle, timid Snowflake needed a quiet home without children, and was fostered rather than in a pen. It took a while to find the right people to care for her, but she is now a much-loved pet again. 
Nelson is a happy cat! Marble has finally gone to a loving new home!  Jupiter is going home!
Nelson has fallen on his paws!  He used to live on Peartree Roundabout, and has now gone to live with a lady in a five storey house! Marble had spent half her life in the pen - for nearly a year, and was sad and hoping to meet someone who would love her.... The first person who visited her, took her home! Swashbucking Jupiter is now in a loving home in Oxford. Jupiter was a fighting tom, and contracted FIV during his battles, as well as losing an eye. He now lives indoors and has settled down as a happy house cat. 
Ginge has a new home   Wiskas is with her new family now
Ginge, a handsome, a friendly 9 year old boy who spent several years as a stray with kind people feeding him and letting him sleep in their garage, has gone to live with a recently widowed lady to keep her company   Our Chair's granddaughter fell in love with Wiskas and he is on his way to his new home with her!


Oreo and Ziggy have a new home Joey has found a happy home   
Ziggy (left) and Oreo (right) are brother and sister, born in June 2016, and came to us with two other brothers and Oreo's three kittens. Oreo and Ziggy cared for the kittens together, and bonded well, so we wanted them to be rehomed together. Happily, they have now gone to a new home together. Joey is a sweet, affecionate and talkative girl who wanted to be an only pet, and been confined to a flat all her life.  With our fosterer, she had discovered gardens for the first time in her 8 years. Joey has gone to a lovely home with an experienced owner who knows how to handle stressed cats.  
Max is now a happy boy! Mickey is in his forever home  Monty has gone to a new home 
 Max ended April still unhomed, but early in May, he was reserved, and has now gone to a loving home Mickey cames from a good home, but his sister bullied him so much that he was afraid to come into the house! He was initially timid and frightened, but never aggressive, and gained some confidence, becoming more and more affectionate.  He went to live with a lovely family who will help to build his confidence,  and give him lots of fussing.   Beautiful Monty is one quarter Norwegian Forest so large and long-haired. He had lived indoors all his four years, with other animals. He needed to be homed somewhere fairly quiet and, when he was ready, to be introduced slowly to outdoors, with the ability to run back inside if he wants to! He is really a relaxed and affectionate cat. He has gone to a new home with a garden.
Marty has a happy home Tiggy  is in a happy home now   
Marty had broken her left hind leg and it had to be amputated, but she didn't let being a tripod cat stop her finding a happy, loving home! Tiggy, a sweet, gentle, 7 year old, has found a new home where he can relax and enjoy the garden!.  Lola went through a bad time in her 2 years, being bullied by another cat, having two litters and then getting an infection after being spayed. She is now very happy to be the centre of attention in her new home with a couple who love her to bits! 


 Indie has gone to a loving home  Chloe has her forever home
After over 5 months with us, following 2 months in a cattery, Sootywas chosen by a single lady and her 16 year-old cat and it has turned out to be the perfect home for him Indie has gone to a loving new home where she has lots of company but no small children.   Chloe has a lovely new home where she is an indoor cat, and has settled well.
Bonnie lives with a disabled lady who dotes on her  Mickey is now Archie and enjoying his new life Chloe has gone to her new home
Bonnie was spotted by a disabled lady who rehomed her and is thrilled with her!    After a few months as our feature cat, timid Mickey has found a happy home and a new name with an older gentleman.  After a couple of days hiding under the sofa, he has emerged and now really enjoys lots of  cuddles and petting.  It looked as though Chloe would have to hang on through May as well to find her new home, but early in the month, a kind older gentleman decided she was the cat for him.
Alfie was adopted by his fosterer's cat sitter!
 Tilly found a lovely new home in February
Squidge and Tigger
Alfie, a lovely tuxedo cat, came to us just before Christmas as his owner developed allergies. Although he is a quiet cat - except at mealtimes! - he does love company. He doesn't like surprises but otherwise really relaxed and content in himself. Alfie's fosterer went on holiday, leaving him in the care of a friend - who fell in love with him, and has adopted him!   She is a sweet, affectionate cat, 8 years old, who was not enjoying being in a pen. She was homed by us as a kitten and was very happy until the couple had children. She couldn’t cope with a family and moved out of the house to live in the garden. She found just what she needed: a quiet home without small children.  These two were only cats of the month for a week before they got adopted! Three year old brothers, they were looking for a new home because their owner moved and couldn't take them with her. They were homed together, which was great for them because they had always lived together.


Rose, a long-haired black and white cat Lilly,  a black cat Casper, a long-haired white cat
Rose aka 'Fur and Purr', born 2012, is a gentle but confident cat that loves company. She also loves a fuss and is very affectionate. Rose moved in early January 2016 to live with an experienced cat owner who wanted and affectionate cat.  Her new owner is around during the day for cuddles and fussing.  Rose can also play in the garden, which backs onto fields. Lilly, who was November's cat, was rehomed to small village with a small family with a toddler, two fireplaces to curl up in front of and a lovely big garden.  They fell in love with her as soon as they met her, and she went to her new home just before Christmas Caspar who was August's cat, and FIV positive, went to a lovely new home at the end of November. An experienced owner adopted him, and rather than keep him as a solely indoor cat, built a wired-in run in the garden, to whch has has a cat flap so he can come and go like any other cat

Lovely, affectionate, curious Luna, has settled in really well and her new owners can’t remember what life was like without her! She’s a real sweetie and they are enjoying having her around. She who is becoming more playful as time goes on, and is not a noisy cat, just miaows for biscuits, or to go outside. She’s very well-behaved, and doesn’t try to jump on counters – she even waits to be lifted onto the bed!