Happy Easter!

Vase with lilies showing the big stamens you should snip offWe wish you all a happy and blessed Easter season! Spring is in the air, the birds are nesting and flowers opening - even if there is the odd snowy blip on the way!

Most cats enjoy an egg, raw or cooked, so if your own feline likes them, why not give them a special eggy treat at Easter? No chocolate though - even small amounts can be very toxic to cats and dogs. Because cats do not have sweet receptors on their tongues, very few are even interested in chocolate - unlike dogs! Read more here

Also watch out for Easter lilies - all parts of the lily are very dangerous to cats , causing irreversible and sometimes fatal kidney damage. Generally, of course, cats don't eat lilies, but the problem is that orange pollen, which can not only shake onto a cat's coat and be groomed off, swallowed and so poison them, but also stains clothing and furniture - so use a pair of scissors to snip out the big pollen-bearing stamens from the flowers before arranging them, and then you can enjoy them with no worries.