Spring Kittens versus Autumn Kittens

Are Spring Kittens better than Autumn Kittens?

People used to say that kittens born in autumn were more aggressive or weaker than spring kittens.  Is this true? 

In the days when most cats were outdoor cats, living on what they could find around a farm or town, a kitten born in Spring arrived in time to make the most of the better weather and better hunting as the population of mice and other prey exploded.  An autumn kitten was facing depleted prey numbers and harsher weather. 

In those days, and today with feral cats, it is true that an autumn kitten faces a harder job of life, and more aggressive kittens would be more likely to succeed and survive than a less aggressive litter mate.

Cats born in warm, safe homes to happy well-fed mothers will not face these struggles.  An autumn kitten will be just the same as a spring one.  All the kittens that come to Cats Protection will have already have faced problems in their little lives, but our kitten fosterers know how to bring them through.  Adopting an autumn-born kitten from CP will be no different from adopting a spring kitten - whether it grows into a happy, healthy, friendly cat will be more down to you as their new owner than do what time of year they are born!

If you are thinking of getting a kitten from us, do not let the time of year put you off.  There are certain seasons when kittens flood in, and others when kitten numbers fall. 

If you find there aren't any kittens available, why not consider an older cat - they can be very playful too, and you have the advantage of knowing the character of your cat right from the start, so you can find the one that suits you and that you in turn suit!

Whatever the time of year, there are always, sadly, lots of cats waiting for forever homes.  If you could give a loving home to a homeless kitty, please think about adopting from Cats Protection.